Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Fun Date Ideas

Who doesn't love to have fun with their significant other?  I know I do!  Tanner and I are most definitely little kids at heart.  We love to play games and just goof around.  Since we got married, life has gotten even busier.  We haven't had as much time to spend together.  So, we have made a date night for every month.  At the beginning of the month we decide what day will be "our day."  For example, this month is the traditional dinner and movie.  BUT it's the Hunger Games!! We have both read all 3 books and are super excited for the movie to come out!  I decided that today I would share a few of our other fun date ideas!  I have picked the ones, that guess what?!  ARE FREE! Well the last one isn't free but it's only $10!

1. My favorite idea for the whole year is our 24 hour date.  Yes, 24 hours!  We will start the morning off right with a breakfast feast.  Then we will do everything that we enjoy.  We are more than likely going to go camping so we will have easy access to what we love.  We will go hiking, fishing, bike riding etc.

2.  In December our date will be a video game competition.  Tanner is getting a new Play Station for Christmas.  Our X-Box just died.  Something about the red circle of death?  Apparently, the little circle that is usually green went red and it just quit working.  Anyways,  I will more than likely lose every game, but I will definately put up a good fight. haha! It will be a fun night!  We will play football, race, wrestle, and dance!  I'm ready to see Tanner do the dance game!!

3.  Another fun idea is to go on a $10 shopping spree.  That's right, you only have $10.  You go to a store and see who can buy the coolest stuff for $10 or less.  Whoever has the most neat stuff, wins!  Ramen noodles are off limits! We will probably make all food items off limits when we do this.

Now you have some fun date ideas, or just fun ideas for you and your friends! I'd love for you to share some of your fun date ideas!

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