Monday, September 17, 2012

My Lunch Hour

Ever since moving to town, I have wondered if it were possible to go the store, go home, put away what I bought, handle the animals and make it to work on time all within my lunch hour.  Today,  I proved that I could and added to my list of perks of "city living."

I left as soon as it was my lunch time.  Sped (shh don't tell my husband!... drove quickly) to one of my most disliked places, Wal-Mart.  After scootin through the aisles and getting everything on my list, it was time to check out.  Who knew SO MANY people go to the store during lunch time?!?  So I opted for the self check out line, knowing good and well that it was going to holler at my a few times, because I had items that I did not want to bag!  Really self check out?  You want me to bag my huge thing of dog chow?  I don't think so, not happening! 

I looked at the clock and realized that after all that I only had 30 minutes left to get home, put my stuff away and feed my starving animals!  They only got to eat half of what they usually eat at night and I wasn't able to feed them this morning.  So again, I drove quickly and made it to my house with 25 minutes left. 

Well now I just felt rushed.  I hate the feeling of being rushed, which is 80% of the time for me.  I am one of those that will dislocate my shoulder trying to get all the grocery bags in one trip....  That being said....

As I was walking onto our front porch, I went through a spider web and started doing karate moves to get that nasty sticky stuff off me, while having one arm full of grocery bags and the other with a 20lb bag of dog food and my purse.  Not only was I  fighting the spider web, but my hair decided it wanted to cover my whole face, making it impossible to see.  During this time a car drove by and slowed to watch my disastrous turn of events.  As I was opening the door, I dropped the dog food and stumbled through the front door.  I didn't even bother to turn around to see the laughter escape whoever it was that was driving by.

I let Abby in to feed her. (we have been trying to train her to be an outside dog because her hair was just driving us crazy!)  Then fed the other 2 squirts, quickly put my groceries away, made my lunch and headed out the door to get back work.

I arrived with 7 minutes to spare!  Just enough time to fix a drink and use the restroom before returning to my desk.  Even though I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, it was a success!  I am so thrilled to know that I can run to the store on my lunch hour and not always go after work.  Wal-Mart is extremely more busy at 5:00 then it is at lunch time.