Friday, May 10, 2013

You Might Be a Police Wife If...

You might be a Police wife if....

- Your husband drives like a bat out of hell when driving a personal vehicle.  I have to CONSTANTLY tell Tanner to slow down, don't slam on breaks, don't take sharp turns, etc.  My Nissan Rogue doesn't drive anything like his Crown Vic.  Maybe this will change when he gets a new car!

- You automatically know that when you sit in a restaurant that your LEO wants to sit somewhere facing the door.  No matter where we go, I know that I have to sit in the seat with my back to the door so he can have his eyes on everyone that comes in.

- When driving down the road he points out every car that has crossed the line 2 or more times, every expired tag, broken tail light, etc.  He has eagle eyes when it comes to expired tags!

- Words like robbery, assault, child abuse, domestic violence, rape, etc are part of your everyday conversation.  Some times when me and my husband are talking, I sit back and think to myself... This is NOT normal conversation....

- Every time you hear an unexpected knock on the door while your husband is out protecting and serving, your heart stops for a second and you pray that it's not the Chief of Police.

- When on your way home from date night your LEO will take a detour in the complete opposite direction because he is patrolling out of habit....  I have lived in this town for 22 years and I have discovered roads that I never even knew existed!

-You are used to your husband jumping up in the middle of his supper break and running out the door because he is needed.  Sometimes he may not even get to take a bite of the meal that you spent over an hour preparing!