Wednesday, January 23, 2013

No more excuses!

I started this blog last year with every intention on keeping up with our lives, to have a "Hensley Scrapbook"  My excuse has been that my computer quit working.  It started having problems this past summer.  I was so afraid that we were going to have to invest in a new computer.  Yes, I would love a new one but that's just not something that we really have the money for right now.  So, I decided to start with the minor problems that my laptop has and go from there.  The first thing I did was get a new battery and what do you know?!  THAT WORKED!!!  My computer is up and running again!! We ended up spending $40 compared to $800!  Woohoo!!  I am beyond thrilled.  I would much rather spend my money on shoes or possibly the new Nook HD+  If you happen to need a new battery for your computer look at Amazon first.  HP battery's were over $100! Happy Wednesday :)

What my computer has looked like for months:

It works again!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why I love my husband:

Tanner is continually doing something to test my patience.  Things that drive me insane are the things that he doesn't even notice and vice versa.  Tanner thinks that as long as your dirty clothes are in the vicinity of the laundry hamper that everything is good.  I want the clothes to actually be in the hamper, not hanging off the side, not on the floor next to it, but in the basket.  I LOVE to drink water.  When at home I always have a water bottle with me.  I also lose my water daily and end up going to the fridge to get another one because I just can't find the one I was originally drinking out of.  That being said on any given day you can go to my side of the bed and find at least 3 waters.... Or find them in the most random spots, like behind a picture frame. (How it got there I don't know, I mean I know I put it there but I don't remember doing it or why I did it!!) This is something that gets on Tanner's nerves.  He get's tired of putting almost full bottles back in the fridge and I get tired of putting dirty clothes into the hamper.  Instead of getting irritated I'm going to try and start thinking about the positive things that I love about my husband.  I love making lists.  I make lists for everything!  So here's my Why I love my Husband list:

1.  He puts my waters back in the fridge for me. :)

2.  He turns the heat on in the morning so it will be warm when I get out of the shower.

3.  He holds my hand when we are walking together.

4.  He answers all of my questions, no matter how stupid they may be.

5.  He goes to the grocery store with me.

6.  He makes me laugh.

7.  He puts air in my tires when they start to get flat because the weather is bipolar and will be 77 degrees in January one day and then 40 the next!

8.  He watches chick flicks with me.  (I know he secretly likes them!)

9.  He bothers me when I am reading.  Yes it gets on my nerves but I love that he wants my attention.

10.  He dances any time a song comes on that has a good beat.

To be continued.... 

Inspiration for this post came from the Happy Wives Club!  Check it out, become a member and join the link up party for "Why I Love My Husband"

Why I Love My Husband

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year!

Wow....2013!  It just doesn't seem right, did we even have Christmas yet? 

The holidays FLEW by for me.  My family was given a special Christmas present this year which was a tornado that hit 3 of my family members homes on Christmas night.  It is still heartbreaking to go out to the country and see what the tornado did to our land.  50-100 year old trees were uprooted.  What used to be beautiful is now bare.  Going out to my Grandparents was like going to my own little oasis.  I love the outdoors and absolutely LOVE watching the sun set over the pasture.  My grandparents and Aunt were lucky with the damage to their homes.  Some rebuilding will have to be done but that is nothing when you are so greatful that everyone made it out alive.  My Uncle William and Aunt Nell weren't so lucky, their home was destroyed.  I would show you some pictures but it's not letting me upload any.  I will try again later!

Tanner had to work New Years Eve so we celebrated the new year the following day.  Last year we celebrated in Atlanta and spent a fortune on Chinese food.  So we decided to make that our little tradition and got Chinese food this year too.  I know the little guys that cooked our food thought we were crazy for ordering so much.  But then again they do give you alot of food so maybe eating that much is normal?

I thought long and hard about my New Year's resolutions.  And here they are:

1.  I want to be a better wife.  I mean I'm already a great wife but there is always room for improvement! :) haha  One way that I am doing this is by starting our "love" journal. (get your mind out of the gutter...)  This journal is something that we take turns writing in.  This is a place that we write something appreciative, encouraging, etc about the other person.  It can be thanking your spouse for taking the trash out or that my hubby's tooshy looks sexy in his new pair of jeans.  It literally can be anything positive.  Nothing negative.  It will make us each feel appreciated and help us notice the small things.  Because it really is about the small things in life!!

2.  Finish School.  I would have already been finished but classes are expensive and once Tanner got his new job there was no way we could afford it any longer.  He took a major pay cut when he got hired.  Police should definitely get paid more!

3.  Get back into doing the things that I love.  For example:  Running-  Nothing makes me feel more relaxed than going on a nice run.  I used to run everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.  I stopped when I got a respiratory infection and once I got better I tried to start running again and ended up with another respiratory infection!  I told myself that apparently God didn't want me running anymore! haha  BUT I know that's not true! 

4.  Be better about keeping up with my blog.  Even if it's only for my family.  I know that my mother, sister-in-law and Tanner all read it!  And it's always fun to look back at old posts and see what was going on in the life of the Hensley's.