Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bahamas!!!

We got back Saturday from a very relaxing cruise to the Bahamas!! We left last Monday morning at 2:00AM.... I wasn't looking forward to that, but everything worked out and we made it to our ship around 12:30. 

After we checked in and went through security and all that, we explored the boat.  It was HUGE and what's crazy is that it isn't even considered a big boat.... it's actually one of the smallest that Royal Caribbean has.

My most favorite thing was the absolutely BEAUTIFUL views.  The water is amazing.  I could definitely move down there.  I would want to live on paradise island in one of the colorful houses that has a boat dock.  Tanner and I decided that we would just rather have our own private island, you know like Isle Esme... from the Twilight Saga... Anyways, we did some looking around and we could definitely purchase us our own island, but we need $8 million first, so no big deal!! haha... maybe one day.....

We went to the pirate museum and that was pretty cool.  They had a bunch of old artifacts from forever ago that the pirates actually used.  Tanner loves history!  We did alot of shopping, I say "we" but it was really just me.  I window shopped for the next time that we go to the Bahamas.  We had no idea that diamonds are so much cheaper there.  We will definitely be going back in the near future, for let's say an anniversary present! I saw some gorgeous earings!

My second favorite thing would have to be the all you can eat, anytime you want, soft serve ice cream machine!!!!!! Tanner and I were constantly in line with the little kids. I LOVE soft serve ice cream.  I had ice cream for breakfast and for lunch and for snack and for dinner and for middle of the night and anytime I wanted it!

That's all for now!  I'll post the 4 pictures that we took later! (yea, I know, we aren't very good at taking pictures....haha)