Monday, July 30, 2012


The day that we have been so impatiently waiting for has finally arrived!!! Tanner will start working for our local Police Department August 23rd!  We are beyond excited.  Everyone keeps telling me these horror stories about how I will never see my husband, etc.  But anything is an upgrade from what he was doing.  I was only seeing Tanner for a rushed 30 minutes a day, during my lunch break.  Regardless of which shift he actually gets, I will see him more than I currently do and thats a plus!!

We decided that we wanted to celebrate his quitting, the new job, our anniversary and we might as well throw in my birthday... And what better way to do this than go on a cruise to the Bahamas!!!  That's right, we are going to the Bahamas in just 2 weeks.  We like to be spontaneous and booked a last minute cruise! :) We will celebrate our anniversary on the second night and my birthday on the third night.  I wonder what they will give/do for us?

So that's the latest news in our life!!

Our view in just a couple of weeks!!

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