Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3 Things

Three Things Thursday..... Yea, it's only Tuesday.  I am getting ahead of myself :)

1. It's no secret that I am very clumsy.  Just this week I have caught the oven mitt on fire... as in flames!  I dropped our fully cooked casserole upside down in the oven.  I've run into different walls more times than I can count and the list goes on and on.

2. My mother and brother have been staying with me and I have been reading about 1 book every day or every other day.  My mom asked me if I was reading another romance novel.  Well DUH! :)  I love romance novels.  Yes, they all end the same.  Girl and guy meet, girl and guy fall in love.  But, I continue reading romance books because of the journey that the girl and guy go through.  I enjoy the journey to the destination.  It's fun and exciting and unpredictable.... well maybe a little predictable because they always end up together.

3. Landon's Christmas present came to the house yesterday.  It is a Chuggington train track.  The Brewster wash and fuel set.  It is taking all I have not to open the box and put it together.  It is just SO neat.  The trains talk to each other and everything.  Toys are so much cooler now then they were when I was little.

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