Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

As everyone knows, yesterday was Valentine's Day.  The day you show your special someone just how much you love them.  You should do this everyday in my opinion but it's nice to celebrate anyways!  Tanner and I celebrated Valentine's Day this past weekend by going on a little shopping spree.  I say little, but whenever we go Bass Pro Shops we always end up spending WAY to much money! We also exchanged gifts.  I got a watch and Tanner got a new fishing reel.

After a fun weekend, I wasn't expecting to actually do anything on Valentine's Day.  I had a doctor's appointment and Tanner had to work late.  While I was on my way to Enterprise, my car (Molly the Mazda) decides she wants to quit working.  My gas pedal got stuck and wouldn't budge.  I was going across an intersection when this happened.  So, I called Tanner and he came and switched cars with me so I could go on to my doctor's appointment.  I was so frustrated and just ill because I was going to be super late.  Then I got behind someone who refused to even drive the speed limit.  When I was getting blood work done the nurse lady had some major difficulties.  First, she got a needle that was the size of my vein if not bigger.  My vein was not wanting to participate and just kept rolling around, well she just kept trying and trying.  After my face turns white, I suggest that she try the other arm AND get a smaller needle, before I get sick.  She got the "butterfly" needle and finally got my other vein to work but then my blood just didn't want to flow into the tube, so she gave up with only 1/4 of the amount she was supposed to have.  I'm sure I will have to go back and get it redone.

I ran home to eat before going to work.  When I walk in the door, I have some beautiful roses, Breaking Dawn, and a bottle of wine waiting for me.  All of my frustrations left at that moment.  Like I said, I wasn't expecting anything on the day of Valentine's day.  When Tanner got home we drank some wine and watched Breaking Dawn.  Despite everthing that happened yesterday, I had a wonderful Valentine's Day because I got to spend it with my wonderful husband!

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