Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday:

Today I am happy because:

1. I just paid off my car! YAY! I am so excited to not have a car payment anymore.  I really really want a Jeep Liberty, but that will come much later.  I am going to enjoy not having a car payment every month. Especially, since we are buying a house.  I sit and dream about having a Jeep Liberty, I don't know why I love that car so much?  I have wanted one ever since I turned 16!  This year they have their special edition one and it is nice.  But, I would rather spend that extra money on traveling.  This year, Tanner and I have decided to go to Las Vegas!  Super excited :)

2. It's almost April Fools Day!  I love April Fools but this one has crept up on me!  This year has gone by super fast.  I don't have any pranks planned and that's a first.  Last year, I decorated my boss's office with post it notes!  I literally labeled everything in his office with a post it.  It's too bad he never got to see it.  They had to take it all down before he came in because we had some important people walking around that day!

3.  In 1 month, we will be moving into our first home!!  I have been shopping and planning ways to landscape the backyard.  I have decided to do our bedroom grey and yellow.  I have already picked out the paint color. It's a very light grey.  I have picked out all the fabric that I want to use to make pillows.  Pillows are extremely expensive so instead of spending $40 on 1 pillow, I'm going to end up spending $40 on so many pillows! Hopefully, I will have fabric left over to make something for the windows.

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